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Welcome to Mid Coast Martial Arts Academy

Our dojo is a friendly, family oriented place where everyone is welcome. We teach karate, kobudo, kickboxing and fitness. Check out our services below.


Karate teaches discipline and focus.


Improve your confidence through training as part of a group.


Meet your self-improvement goals, whether that is learning Karate or improving your fitness level.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors teach respect while being approachable and fun.


When you join our dojo you become part of our family.

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Shihan Michael Fardell - 6th Dan Traditional Japanese Karate and 6th Dan Toushi Ryukyu Kobudo. Read more...

Paul Rollo
Paul Rollo Renshi

Renshi Paul Rollo - 6th Dan Traditional Japanese Karate. Read more...

Brock Thomson
Brock Thomson Shidoin

Shidoin Brock Thomson - 2nd Dan Traditional Japanese Karate. Read more...

Sarah Fardell
Sarah Fardell Sensei

Sensei Sarah Fardell - 2nd Dan Traditional Japanese Karate. Read more...

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